Medical records should be preserved for future generations.

If you could preserve an area of our lives like medical records, for the use of both social and genealogical study what would it be?

I would personally choose to preserve Medical Records which here in England are destroyed ten years after our deaths. It would offer an amazing window into the lives of our ancestors and if organised, preserved and made available on a subscription charge through the NHS or government it would also plow much needed money back into medical research and care.

What records would you preserve and why?


2 thoughts on “Medical records should be preserved for future generations.

  1. I feel your pain! I have several ancestors who died while in mental health institutions, and they will never release the records to me. I think health records are of huge significance, and I can’t believe they are actually destroyed in England! What a shame, indeed.

    • It is such a shame, and very strange as to why they destroy them. After a set amount of years surely there is no harm in releasing them. It’s also untapped money for our governments who can easily use the money generated towards the health care of those living.

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