Married aged 12 – My Ancestor John William Carter

The Lives of my Ancestors

Married Aged 12
John William Carter
1810 – 1850
Thames Lighterman

5th Great Grandfather


A very beautiful painting of the City of London taken from Bankside in the 1820’s, with Lighterman at work

Marriage and the age of consent has always been a topic of conversation amongst genealogists and very often we find research carried out using the 20 year rule. Usually because of the confusion about what age someone can legally marry and even consummate that marriage.
Even I use the 20 year rule whilst researching a marriage.

Before 1653 England was a very different place then it is now, and it was pretty much normal practice to marry at a young age there are historical Medieval recordings of marriages taking place as young as 2 and 3 years of age although generally The age for matrimonial consent was fixed at 7 years. However, as puberty was accepted as the…

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