James Edward Plaskett & HMS FIDELITY

Plaskett Family History Blog

James Edward Plaskett

Able Seaman

1920 – 1943

 1st cousin 3x removed

James Edward Plaskett was one of seven children to Annie (nee: Town) and William Reuben J Plaskett, he was born in Dagenham, Essex in 1920.

Little is known about James because a lot of records from this period are still closed, I know more about the ship he died on during WW2. So in memory of James and the other 368 men who died this is a brief story of HMS FIDELITY.


1920 – 1943

2,456 ton Special Service Vessel


On 28 Dec, 1942, HMS Fidelity (D 57) (Lt C.A.M. Costa) fell behind the convoy ONS-154 due to engine troubles and streamed its torpedo nets, which brought down her speed to 2-3 knots. The next day, the commander decided to head for the Azores and launched her motor torpedo boat HMS MTB-107 and a Kingfisher…

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