Battle Ancestors

Battle Ancestors

An Introduction

2014 is the 100th Anniversary of World War One and most of us have a personal connection to the Great War and can easily trace a relative to this time of conflict. I find military history a fascinating subject especially when it relates directly to my family tree. And in commemoration of this year’s centenary I’m going to spend the next few months furthering my research and writing about my many ancestors that took part in the conflicts and battles that shaped the lives of our forebears and country through out the ages. Over the years I have stumbled upon many in my tree with interesting  battle connections including the Boer War, WW1, The Spanish Armada, The Battle of Agincourt, The Battle of Bannockburn, The English Civil War, The Battle of Hastings,  The Battle of Bosworth field, The Siege of Acre, The Baron Wars, the Norman invasion of Ireland, the Roman conquest of Britain, The Saxon Wars, St Bartlomews Massacre and many more. 

I have a few Gateway ancestors in my tree and  through them I can trace my roots back a very long way this does mean that I have a mammoth task ahead finding all of my Battle Ancestors amongst a tree of 25,000 plus people. It’s going to be an interesting and very learned journey.



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