A Short Biography of Mrs Mary Plaskett – written and published in 1833

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A short Biography of MRS. MARY PLASKETT.

Written and Published in 1833
By James Dredge
(Taken from the Book – The Biographical Record or Sketches of the Lives, Experience, and Happy Deaths of Members of The Wesleyan Society – In The Salisbury Circuit)

Mrs Mary Plaskett (nee: Bower) is my 6th x grt grandmother… she was the daughter of a Wiltshire Clock Maker ‘Peter Bower’. Her descendants were prominent London Clock, Watch and Chronometer Makers.

Mrs Mary Plaskett

“But it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light.” Jehovah.

Mrs. Mary Plaskett was born in the parish of Downton, August 12th, 1739. Her father’s name was Peter Bower; he was by trade a clockmaker, and resided at Redlinch. There is good reason to believe, that, amidst abounding iniquity, he was, in some measure, careful of the morals of his children; at least, more so than was…

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